Would you like your stay in aruba to be more memorable?

Aruba Sinatra Shows started in the year 2012 and we would like to experience it with you while enjoying the good things in life during your visit in Aruba.

Music that will bring back memories and emotions that you forgot you even had within you like:

  • When one of our songs reminds you to the time your senior family members were listening to it all the time and now you realize you miss that
  • the time you saw Frank Sinatra in live before he passed away and suddenly appreciate you had that special opportunity
  • when you hear your wedding song and you want to dance with your sweetheart right away
  • when you think back to your life and times near Hoboken New Jersey, where Frank Sinatra was born and raised
  • one time you heard a wonderful Sinatra song when you saw a great Hollywood movie
  • the Sinatra song you heard when you were wandering around through your favorite mall in your home town
  • exchanging your memories with a group of dear friends, while listening to our Sinatra songs

After more than 300 weekly performances, Aruba Sinatra Shows is one of the longest running productions and is still there especially for you while you’re visiting Aruba!


  • Songs such as “Fly Me To The Moon”, “I’ve Got The World On A String”, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “My Way”, “New York – New York”, “The Way You Look Tonight” and more than one hundred (100) other unforgettable songs from the American songbook, which will bring back precious memories
  • Listen to the voice of and watch Aruban vocalist Fred de Jong
  • Order local food and delicious drinks while watching our Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show at The Old Cunucu House Restaurant.
  • Have an Enchanting evening with your loved ones and close friends

The Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show at The Old Cunucu House Restaurant will give you a taste of Aruban native hospitality and an atmosphere that is enchanting, cozy, and romantic. Order local food and delicious drinks while Experiencing beautifully composed, orchestrated, and arranged music with wonderful romantic lyrics made famous by singers like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Harry Connick, Jr. and others sung by Aruban vocalist Fred de Jong.

What is your Aruban Sinatra Dinner Show experience like?

The show is set at a traditional Aruba restaurant in a separate area with capacity for 40 people divided over about 15 tables, which will give you a cosy feeling. The food is native Aruban cuisine which has been influenced by colonial Spanish, French, and Dutch cuisine and is served in a 150 year old refurbished farm house, which will make you feel like you’re visiting your grandparents. The dress is casual evening attire for your comfort. The restaurant is old fashioned where orders are taken on paper instead of computers, which fits in the scene from way back when.

My goal is to provide you with an intimate setting where you can relax and interact with me instead of a large Las Vegas style show room. I have selected beautiful and romantic arrangements that are pre-recorded. This gives the feel of an big band / Orchestra but allows me to offer the show at an affordable cost. I do not try to mimic the commercial recordings of Sinatra but instead offer you my interpretation of Franks relaxed and informal live style. The show is about 1 1/2 hours which gives you time to order and enjoy your food and drinks during the show without arriving early. The food is coursed over the evening as is typical in European restaurants where dining is an experience not just a meal. I think the music of the great American Songbook is special and worth preserving. Come let me share it with you in a special evening off the strip.

Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show @ The Old Cunucu House Restaurant

Aruba Sinatra Shows - Fred de Jong

Aruba Sinatra Shows Agenda


Are you planning a memorable Private Show in Aruba or would you like to order a Collector’s Item?

Aruba Sinatra Shows - Fred de Jong Aruba Sinatra Senior Citizens Show @ Cas di Cultura

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