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Private Shows

Do you want to throw a memorable private (beach) party with your closest friends or are you planning to organize a romantic private (beach) event to surprise your sweetheart?

Private (Beach) Party

Aruba Sinatra Shows is a great accompaniment to your occasion with music that will bring back memories and emotions that you forgot you even had within you, while you are exchanging memories with a group of dear friends during and long after your event!


Private parties, corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, and themed parties will be second to none with this memorable entertainer Fred de Jong crooning to you and your guests.

Romantic Private (Beach) Event

Surprise your honey with a super romantic private (beach) event during and after a breathtaking sunset in Aruba.


We will compose and arrange everything together with you from setup, sound. light, chef, foods, drinks, photographer, florist, limousine to the entertainer Fred de Jong, who will sing the best Sinatra songs for you, so your sweetheart will be flabbergasted.

Your proposal or romantic beach dinner will be accompanied with music that makes you want to dance with your sweetheart constantly.

You can choose your own PLAYLIST of beautifully composed, orchestrated and arranged songs with wonderful romantic lyrics that best fit your precious memories together.

Let's organize Your Private Event now and click here: Aruba Sinatra Shows - Fred de Jong

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This show is for all ages (only 40 spots available)